Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quotes On A Mother's Love For Her Toddler Son

Things to do with a fever

Well, They Say That
Santa Fe
Is Less Than ninety miles away,
And I got time to roll a number
and rent a car.
Oh, Albuquerque.

I've been flyin 'down the road
And I've been starvin' to be alone, And independent from the scene

That I've known. Albuquerque

I have always hit the same story told by Neil Young, when he wrote of Cowgirl in the Sand with 39 of fever. I'm 39 with a fever - and today I was 38 and not much else - I'm lying to roll his eyes toward the ceiling. And curse. But I have specific feelings of detachment from the body, the mind goes elsewhere. So I have no doubt that a clever person like Neil Young can write a memorable song with 39 of fever. It 's so that even today I ended up in that area, between Albuquerque and tired eyes.

to debunk the theory that those who believe the greatest records of history are those we have heard in particular conditions, especially during our teenage years, records which we are always in for an emotional connection rather than a case objectively critical Time Fades Away and Tonight's the Night at the time, the 70, I hated them cordially. They were the ugliness made music, especially for those who thought the sounds of the Harvest perfect sounds that make a great-great album. It was what they said (and still say, however) all: Harvest "is" the perfect album by Neil Young. In those two discs instead there was anything wrong with a disk: the first, a live, only contained new songs and a song not even know, in short, was not the classic collection of hits live in sparkling dresses. The second was without jarring the song, the accident did sound, the sonic ugliness, songs that were ruined by the song. It took me decades to realize that, along with On the Beach, in reality it was an extraordinary trilogy, the three best records of Neil Young and three of the greatest albums of all time. I have already spoken elsewhere, long ago.

Of course fever all of its audio capabilities. So, in a move dictated not by myself but by another who lived myself today, my little brain fever attacked, I fished out the gold version of Time Fades Away on CD (yes I know it has never been reissued on CD ... But no, he assembled a Young remastering cry from years ago, then decided not to go out on the market. There is one single copy to a closed nascostissima safe, but I would have the greatest music critic of the universe if you do not have a copy? I would be the same, but I've got a copy of Time Fades Away on CD remastered) that for a moment in panic I could not find, and I sent in loop for about half an hour Last Dance. The most terrifying scream of desperation probably collected on CD, with quell'impestato chitarrone riffs and drumming that fucking gorgeous Johnny Barbata that there never was a drummer as well. For good measure I also put on Do not Be Denied, I already did three decades ago. It does so much so that my journey psycho-fever has led me to take out another cd. Tonight's the Night would have been too obvious, but in reality it was not me to decide which cd to pull off this afternoon. So I was stuck in a cd player bootlegaccio, live in Miami awarded the 1973 "Too Drunk Too Fuck" label (a label more than a motto: mine). Inside is pretty much everything Tonight's the Night Live - already know - but even more frightening than in the studio. How to break. The soul. The heart. And something else. A concert like this. And make me laugh, really laugh, you that you get excited with what comes out on disc or listened to live in 2011. In 1973, the last year of favor from the rock'n'roll and I know that London Calling was released in December 1979 so make an exception. It was one of the last shots of the ghostly rock'n'roll. Ok, because Patti Smith was yet to come.

So I'm still traveling between Albuquerque and I roll another "number" before taking the road. I made out my credit card for a full of illusions, his eyes tired, tired. Baby mellow my mind. That even you can do it baby. Only music can do that. So take me and leave me there in Albuquerque. And I do not do that fever passi mai piĆ¹.


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